Nice to meet you

Hi there, I’m Shushant. /sooo - shant/

I work as a User Interface & User Experience designer for Zeta Suite where I am creating thoughtful experiences with the combination of design, business and marketing.


Intersection of Design and My Engineering life

Thanks to my engineering life which was full of college events and learning designs and working with startup as freelance in my early days, I connect UX/UI design with real business goals, while providing delightful client experiences.

Currently, I’m designing and solving design challenges in Banking & Finance Space at Zeta Suite with an incredible team. Previously, I was an Ace UX/UI Designer at Appiness.

Outside of my full-time commitments, I work with a select freelance client base to create amazing products and solutions.

I’m passionate about building & designing thoughtful experiences to make sure your customers and users are satisfied when they’re using your products and services online.

I also love documenting my journey and sharing it with the community to help others succeed and grow.

Background story

Following my passion

Design has always been my passion and hobby since my early childhood. Although I studied electronics and electrical engineering in the traditional way at KIIT University, I learned to design on my own out of curiosity.

This curiosity helped me to stay up-to-date from year to year and I’m still learning every single day to ensure I can deliver the most modern and effective solutions. I believe in working hard and smart instead of searching for “hacks and shortcuts”.

Nowadays, I’ve been fortunate enough to share and give back to the community with leading by example, writing detailed design articles, creating design courses and sharing my design journey to educate and inspire others.

Why design?

Making people happy by making things simple

As technology progresses things are getting more and more complex. As a designer, I have a special opportunity to make these complex processes simple, delightful and joyous to use every day.

Design allows us to differentiate ourselves by showing attention and care about our customers and users. Everybody values design either consciously or unconsciously. This is why I love creating thoughtful, meaningful and polished experiences, which makes both the creators and customers happy

In case you would like to know more about me, my work or have any questions, feel free to send me an email anytime.


Apr 2019 — Present

Product Designer, Zeta Suite

Working closely with a design group on large-scale products for different countries and create Finance-First products for banks and other financial institutions.

Aug 2018 — Mar 2019

Ace UX/UI Designer, Appiness

In my tenure here, I have worked on 6 different products, with the most recent ones being the electric mobility solutions, school administration software, and the next-gen lifestyle app.

Jun 2017 — Dec 2017

UX Intern, Redbus

Iterated on screens and design system components for the Payment Implementation Guide based on feedback from the Product Experience Design team and key stakeholders. Conducted user surveys to capture qualitative & quantitative data and generate insights.


Jan 2020 — Present

Design Mentor, MyCaptain

Guiding aspiring designers on breaking into the design industry and made design more accessible by organizing relevant educational workshops, speaker events, and fostering an open design community.

July 2020 — Present

Design Lead & Advisor, StartupManch Inc.

Leading Design Team in branding, web design, and experience design in cross-functional collaboration with the Tech and Marketing teams for MSME and non-profit organisation.

Dec 18 — Jan 21

Design & Marketing, Conscious Togetherness

Worked as a solo designer for branding, web design, creatives design and worked as a marketing member with people from different countries to step into the next aligned chapter of their life!



Ability to set business goals and define product solutions by empathizing with the user through extensive research.


Ability to efficiently convey your product goals by analyzing & organizing collected data.


Capable of transforming UX goals into pixel-perfect prototype by following branding guidelines.