Hi, my name is Shushant.
I’m a Product Designer
and an aspiring storyteller.

The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.

-Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Designing and Accelerating the world towards invisible payments

At Zeta, we are rethinking payments from core to the edge. The algorithms to form factors. The applications to solutions. Led by the vision to make payments invisible and seamless, Zeta has built a modern stack for Financial Institutions (FIs) for debit, credit, prepaid, loans, authentication and Fraud and Risk Management (FRM).

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Zeta Banking

For Zeta India

Banking and payment systems have not evolved with the Internet. At Zeta, we intend to reimagine the world of banking by rethinking the landscape from the ground-up and making payments invisible.

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Cytopot App

Cytopot is an innovative healthcare ecosystem with an aim to streamline health care services across the country. So its vision is to create digital healthcare ecosystem so that patients and doctors/healthcare providers can do their jobs/requirements easily.

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MyCaptain Design Workshops

Design( Graphic Design & UX/UI workshop by MyCaptain team and it’s split in a 1h30 session for 8 days in a month where mentees learn about user research, process, wireframes and lot more about design. All they needed to bring were their energy to learn new and intresting skills., which could be anything from an app, a video game or even a paper prototype.

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Over the past few years, I've been invited to deliver talks and conduct design workshops at colleges (such as SHRISTI Bangalore, NIT Jamshedpur, GGV etc) and design meet-ups.

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